Definition: M2U service enables any pre-paid MobiFone subscriber (subscriber A) to transfer money in his or her main account to the main account of another pre-paid subscriber (subscriber B) of the same network.

Benefits for customers:
  • No registration fee.
  • No monthly subscription fee.
  • Customers can give present money to their friends and relatives simply through their phone accounts.

User guide:

Target customers
Pre-paid subscribers of MobiFone. Specifying:
  • Sender: Only two-way active pre-paid subscribers can transfer money;
  • Receiver: Any two-way active, one-way locked or two-way locked subscribers can receive money.

How to register:
In order to perform transactions, customers should register PASSWORD. Specifying:

  • From the mobile phone, dial:
      In which, PASSWORD means the password that customers want to use.
    • o For example: if the customer wants to use the password 12345, then enter *117*12345*12345# then OK/YES. From this time, the password used in the M2U service of the customer is 12345.

  • Password: means a number of 5 digits
    • It is recommended that customers should change their PASSWORDS after they are provided

  • Change PASSWORD:
  • • From the mobile phone, dial: *118*FORMER PASSWORD*NEW PASSWORD*NEW PASSWORD # then OK/YES
    In which:
    • FORMER PASSWORD: means the existing password of customer.
    • NEW PASSWORD: means the new password that customer want to use.

  • For example: The FORMER password of a customer is 12345. If the customer wants to use a new one 56789, then enter *118*12345*56789*56789# then OK/YES.
    From this time, the password used in the M2U service of the customer is 56789.

  • How to transfer money:
    • In order to transfer money to another phone account, please dial: *119*RECEIVER'S NUMBER*AMOUNT TRANSFERRED*PASSWORD# then OK/YES.
      In which:
      RECEIVER' NUMBER: Means the phone number to be sent money.
      RECEIVER'S NUMBER can be included with the initial "0" or not.
    • o For example: The number 0901234567 can be entered in two ways: 0901234567 or 901234567
      • AMOUNT TRANSFERRED: means the amount to be transferred.
      • PASSWORD: means the PASSWORD needed to use the service.
    • o For example: The subscriber 0901234567 wants to transfer VND 20,00 to the subscriber 0931200009, and existing password of the subscriber is 56789, the following steps should be taken: Dial *119*0931200009*20000*56789# or *119*931200009*20000*56789# OK/YES. VND 20,000 from the account of subscriber 0901234567 has been transferred to the main account of subscriber 0931200009.


  • VND 2,000/time of transfer (including VAT)
  • Fee/time of transfer does not depend on transferred amount
  • Note:
    • After transferring, the transferred amount and VND 2,000 will be taken from the main account.
      • For example: Customer A has VND 100,000 in the main account. After transferring VND 20,000 to subscriber B, the amount left in the main account of subscriber A is: VND 78,000 (VND 20,000 transferred and a service fee of VND 2,000);
    • VND 20,000 will be added to the main account of receiver.
      • For example: Customer A has VND 100,000 in the main account. After receiving VND 20,000 from subscriber B, the amount in the main account of subscriber A is VND 120,000.


  • Regulations on password:
    Password can only be entered wrongly for a muximum of 5 times. Otherwise, the service will be locked. In order to register the service, please contact Customer Care Division, (9244 (charged)) or go to MobiFone shops to ask for help.

  • Regulations on the amount in account and transferred amount:
    • o In order to transfer, the amount in main account of the subscriber must be GREATER THAN transferred amount and VND 2,000.
      For example: If customer A wants to transfer VND 20,000 to customer B, the account of customer A must be GREATER THAN VND 22,000.
    • Transferred amount is calculated to Dong unit, for example: An amount of VND 19,999 can be transferred.
    • The smallest transferred amount/time must be VND 1,000 and the biggest amount must be VND 30,000
    • The transferred amount permitted per day: a subscriber can only transfer a total maximum amount of VND 500,000 through M2U service per day (from 0 a.m to 33.59 p.m in the same day) Otherwise, the M2U service being used by the subscriber will be locked for 180 days. After 180 days since the service is locked, the subscriber can use the M2U service again. (applied since 19th October 2009).

  • Regulations on use term for sender and receiver:
    • Use term can NOT be transferred;
    • Use day of the sender will NOT be taken when transferring money;
    • The receiver, who is a two-way active subscriber, will NOT be added use day when being transferred money;
    • The receiver, who is a one-way or two-way locked subscriber, will be turned into a TWO-WAY ACTIVE subscriber with ONE day use.
    • When the service is started to be provided, only subscribers who activate before 1st September 2008 can use the service;
    • All subscribers who activate after 1st September 2008 must have an operation time of more than 6 months (≥ 180 days) in order to use the service.