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24/09/2013 16:13:06

Android & iOS supports mSport

From September 16th 2013, MobiFone officially delivers the software application for mSport on Android & iOS mobile phone to offer customers more experiments of excellent service.


mSport is via a software which is defaulted on Android mobile phones (2.3 versions) and iOS (versions 4.3). Customers need to connect internet via MobiFone GPRS/3G and/or wifi to get updates of footballs, interactive games, download and share videos, clips, pictures at high speed and qualified sound and images.


Free download of mSportsoftware, you can:


 - Way 1Access and select contents compatible with your handset series


 - Way 2: AccessGoogle Playand/or Apple Store, select softwaremSport_MobiFone select Setting then download and install it on your mobile phone.


To buy mSport,just write DK_TTsend to9030 (VND1,000/day; 3G/GPRS free). More about the planmSport,please visit website, dial 9393.




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