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WEB format conversion

WEB format conversion utility helps display WEB page properly with the size of your mobile phone screen when accessing WEB from mobile phone.

All subscribers using two-way service of MobiFone network.

  • With this utility, you will not have to worry about the size of your mobile phone screen when accessing Web from mobile phone. This utility shall convert, re-arrange the layout of WEB pages appropriately with your mobile phone screen.  

  • The utility also has the smart function-button system which helps you move to the desired items on WEB pages and store favorite pages as well as manage the access history, etc.

  • The utility will optimize the WEB format appropriately with mobile phone so that you may save data fee when accessing WEB from mobile phone.

  • Free of charge.
  • When customers use this utility to access WEB addresses: generated data fees shall be paid by Mobile Internet fee package that customers are using.
  • For using the utility, you can access the Wap-Portal of MobiFone (wap.mobifone.com.vn) or at web.mobifone.vn (or web.mobifone.com.vn).
  • The utility can be used only when accessing from MobiFone's GPRS/EDGE/3G network
  • Access the address http://web.mobifone.vn (or web.mobifone.com.vn).
  • The home page of the system is displayed as below: 

  • At this interface, you may perform the following operations:
    • Accessing any Web page.
    • Accessing some quick links.
    • Managing favorite web pages.
    • Managing accessed web pages.
  • At the address cell, enter the web address (No need to type http or www), for example: vnexpress.net as the picture below:

  • After entering the link, choose the red-arrow icon on the right in order to access the Web page entered. The system will display the website content by paging with header and footer as shown in the illustration below:


  • For the detail of news, just click the link to read. For accessing the next pages, just click the number of the page which you want to access.
  • Main functions in the Header include:
    • Icon  : quickly move to the page bottom.
    • Icon : quickly access any web page from the current one, just select and enter the name of the website at the address bar, and then select the Go button.
    • Icon  or  : access pages by test/mobile version. For the websites having versions used for mobile phones, you select to display pages by respective versions. For the websites without any versions used for mobile phones, the system shall display the default website version.
    • Icon : display pages in the form of domain layout. You can easily access each domain by selecting the one you want to view. This function is only available when displaying web version of the page.
    • Icon : quickly move to any part of the page. You can quickly move to a certain item by selecting the icon  and then quickly select that item on the toolbar. You can also quickly move to the search box of the page by selecting the icon  or moving to the page's RSS when selecting the icon .
    • Icon : Some customize tools. You can adjust text size to big () or small (), open a new window () or select to view the page with the scroll bar when viewing the web version (the version used for mobile phones without having scroll bar).
  • Main functions in the Footer include:
    • Icon : back to the top.
    • Icon  : view and go back to the accessed pages. This part supports deleting the list of pages accessed.
    • Icon : the page managing favorite links and adding/removing/quickly accessing a favorite page.
    • Icon : the page with helps and instructions to use tool buttons of web pages.
  • Below the Footer, you can also quickly access another page by entering the name of that web page and select the View button.
  • In addition, you can add the current page into the list of the favorite pages by clicking the Added to favorite link .
  • When selecting the Website's home page link , you will return to the initial format conversion page.
  • When selecting the link MobiFone home page you will go to the MobiFone Portal website.
  • There are quick links on the menu of the home page, so you can quickly go to several pages by accessing:
    • The Service link to go to MobiFone's value-added service webpage.
    • The Promotion link to go to MobiFone's page for promotion programs.
    • Websites of properties:
      • MobiFone Portal: www.mobifone.com.vn
      • Wap Portal: wap.mobifone.com.vn
      • Media : mobifonemedia.com.vn
      • GenQ :Genq.com.vn
      • Icons such as Funring, MMS, FoneBackup, GPRS, FastPay, Call Me for accessing respective service pages of MobiFone.
  • You can access the part of favorite pages by two methods:
    • Method 1: at the home page of service, select the Manage favorite pages link.
    • Method 2: after accessing a certain page, select the icon  at the Footer of the page.
  • After accessing, you can add a page into the favorites by selecting Add into the favorites. In addition, you can also delete an address from the list by selecting that address and then selecting Recycle Bin.
  • For accessing a page directly from the list of favorite pages, you only need to select the website address corresponding to that page. 
  • You can also access this part by two methods:
    • Method 1: at the service home page, select the Accessed pages link.
    • Method 2: after accessing a certain page, select the icon  at the Footer of the page.
  • In this part, you can see the list of accessed pages, and the last page accessed will be displayed first. You can re-access a page by clicking on the address of the corresponding website instead of entering the website address into the address bar.
  • There is a link below the list Delete accessed pages and when this link is clicked, the list of accessed pages will be deleted. 
  • This is a quick access of WEB format conversion service from the Wap page of MobiFone .
  • When you access the WAP page (wap.mobifone.com.vn), you will see an address bar.

  • Enter the desired address into this bar and click the View button, the system will display the interface on the cell-phone that is similar to the one when you access from the home page of WEB format conversion utility.
  • And then, all operations are completely the same as you use directly from the home pay of the utility.



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